Amazon Services

Be a part of the largest online retailer in the world. manages to pull in over hundreds of millions of visitors a day. The most recent Amazon Prime Day saw online retail stores making over 7 billions dollars on the site alone. If you need help setting up an Amazon Store and maximizing your sales online, we've got you covered.

Amazon Store Setup

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Entry Package that offers a complete solution to starting an Amazon FBA store.


$10K - 20K

  • Amazon FBA/FBM Store Setup

  • Product Listing

  • Product Categorization

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Growing businesses wanting to expand within their industry.



  • Amazon FBA/FBM Store Setup

  • Product Listing

  • Product Categorization

  • Product Research

  • Keyword Optimization

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Companies that are ready to start from scratch and rebrand.



  • Amazon FBA/FBM Store Setup

  • Product Listing 

  • Product Categorization

  • Product Research

  • Meta-tag/Keyword Optimization

  • HTML Description

  • Competitor Research

  • Listing Monitoring 

  • Email Automation Setup



Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Already have an Amazon store but your products aren’t selling? Let our team help you with that. 

  • PPC Management

  • Target Keyword Management

  • Sponsored Products Management

  • Audience Targeting Suggestions

  • Bidding & Budget Suggestions

  • Monthly Reports


Amazon Seller Central Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Catalog Update & Maintenance 

  • Order Processing / Customer Relationship Management

  • Amazon Marketing Services

  • Product Positioning

Amazon Seller Central Management

Amazon Storefront Design


Store Design, Customizing, and Layout

  • A captivating, alluring, and user-friendly design with modifiable layouts

  • Customization of layout that is both purposeful and visually appealing

  • Adequate breakdown of your product categories and subcategories

  • Assortment of carefully-selected products to highlight popular, newly arrived, best-selling and also recommended products based on visitor search history

Compelling Content Creation

  • Thorough evaluation and comprehensive review of your product

  • A team of professional creative content writers to feature the best qualities and features of your products

  • Content that adequately reflects your brand, goal, and mission

  • Optimized placement of text and visuals to grab your visitor’s attention